with addition to my bf can i give her external milk...either in d mrng or evening....because she doesnt eat ragi malt...n my milk is not sufficient for her

if she is not eating ragi malt please give her Rice vegetables and dal.

actually mrng n evening i had kept a practice of ragi malt n afternoon n night lunch n dinner....but nw a days she doesnt like ragi malt though with both sugar or salt....

Sugar and salt are not advisable for a child under one year of age. For this age you can give rice oats dal veggies and fruits. Give her some variety so that she enjoys her meals.

how does an adult feel if everyday same food is served? similarly, babies also like to have variety... give different baby friendly meals... there are many recipes in baby chakra... even my 8 month baby does not like same food served two days in a row...

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