Tiny red eruptions have developed on my 2 months old daughter's face after application of besan and haldi mix..
How will the eruptions get cure now???

Hey apply some boroline immediately.. will go down in an hour or so..
Happened to my daughter too..she is allergic to besan .. after 10 years i did that n the same thing happened.. so avoid besan ... Don't use it.. i use atta n haldi these days .. so you can do the same not now but after a few years..
Don't worry the baby will be fine soon.

Babies have sensitive skin and what is the purpose to apply all this? Let the baby be baby please, besan ,haldi, Malai can all wait when they turn 18 yrs old. Apply breastmilk on top of it .

Kavita Sahany Hi.. its been almost 4-5 days but the erupts are still there.. will it go if i apply boroline now??

Try by applying ... Else visit your doctor if its already 2 to 3 days..

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