Any child physiologist or any learning disability specialist on the board or anyone know for a 5 year old otherwise ok but learning nd speech problem

note speech therapy going on so I need a specialist urgent help needed

Mumbai based

Merzia Maskati Rhituparna Mitra kindly suggest. Priya Sood

Hi Anon. Can you elaborate more on the issue. or You can check out your required expert in the services section. Many mumbai based experts and specialists are listed. Some have mom reviews too. Pls shout out if you need help. Just go through the profiles to see what matches your need

Check out special needs under mom and baby health

Pratiksha Gupta Can you please help?

Dear Foram, I am a Special Educator and can help. From what you say, it sounds like your child does need some specialised help. Depending on where you are located in Mumbai, I can recommend someone who can help you. Hope this helps!