What can i do for painless normal delivery. ?

epidural injection is given in back bone for painless delivery

Hi Anonymous. Please do not fear of pain. With pain god also gives strength. There is sn option of epidural as mentioned by Tina. But some pain will be there. We are here for you dear. Keep talking to us.

working out daily 30 min during all trimester this gives u enough strength and energy during pregnanch and also helps in easy delievery . i workout for both delivery and had.easy labor.

There is always some pain associated with birth but this can be managed. Please do keep a positive frame of mind. Pain is a perception and if you accept the fact that birth is natural and normal then the perception of pain will be much lower. Do read my articles on Babychakra on labor and pain management.

Thnku so much. Im ready for every situation. Now All doctors are doing cs only. But i want normal delivery. And im healing my self to accept that pain.