Hi Mommies,
One of my friend delivered a boy baby and He is 2 months old now.3rd month gng to start. But his mother planned to have hot water with lemon ,honey and chakka. I don't know whether she can consume that everyday to reduce wait.Since she is a mom for 2 months old and went through c section, in afraid of consuming this. Can anyone pls. Suggest whether she can follow this now or not. If not when she can consume it to reduce fat and weight. Pls. Help

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Thanks Pooja this link helpful for reducing belly fat.. Can u share something to reduce weight

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Hi the baby is just 2 months old so the mom should eat well and breastfeed the baby which is more important. After 6 months she can start walking and exercising. All these honey lemon etc only detoxifies and keeps fresh, the only way to loose weight is sweating out by exercising and eating right.

Delvari ki bad dag kisi jayenge

Thank you mommies ❤️

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