baby vomiting kr rha hai... nose se bhi dudh nikalta hai... Wat I do

...m worried

vasudha burping is the way.after every fèed plz burp the baby well.let him b on yr shoulders for arnd 10 mints.if u feel can visit a doctor once as baby is really small and nose se dudh can be chk.

Vasudha then it cud be excess milk which is cuming out.if baby is active then don't if any sign of discomfort plz chk with doctor once.Sheeba Vijesh

please check if you have included anything new heavy to digest foods in your diet recently.  as the baby is very small you need to take care of your diet. the same thing used to happen with my baby as well then I stopped consuming that particular food item.

my baby is on formula milk..Pooja Dixit

ohk.  then u should check with doc if it is happening too frequently. 

consult with your doctor immediately because baby have an infection cough n cold

vasudha it happens sometimes.. my baby went through this 2 times... we went to our pediatrician.. he said it happens sometimes.. nothing to worry... it's due to reflux only.
only thing which you can do now is don't force-feed your baby... and burp in between and after feed. and always keep your baby in upright position for some time. hope baby gets well soon. 

do not worry... my lo do this for 1 month... after feeding

Mera baby 2 months ka ho gaya aur vomitting bahot ho rhi h use kya karu plz rply

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