Hi all my baby started with eleven month now ..I was giving her cow milk for one month now I stopped it and giving her lactogen 2 is that fine guys ..pls to reply?

actually it is not advisable to give cow's milk till 1 year of age are you not breastfeeding?

ya I am on breast feeding but in morning times she don't drink my milk much ..nite only three times she drinks

sheeba shall I continue with baby weight is reduced ..her born weight was 3.4kg .. now she is eleven month she is just 7kg ..she eats all the food whatever I give her ..

cows milk is d best
continue wid it n if d baby is 11 months old dan focus more on solids

Dear Rajitha, I understand your concern and if you have to choose between cow's milk and lactogen always choose lactogen. cow's milk or any animal milk is a complete no-no for babies at least till they turn one. it is way too heavy. if your concentration is complete development and health of your baby pls carry on with lactogen only.