My 1 year is refusing to drink formula or cow milk, what to do for accepting milk & her weight is 7.5 kg only, how to make baby to put on weight

No worry try to give her solids if she is taking enough solids than is that enough to give her milk once or twice a day but make sure she will take solids

Give milkshakes mango, chikoo etc.. paneer and cheese will also do.. sharing a few articles

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Hi, if the baby is refusing milk, u can try adding flavours to milk, like banana shake or mango shake. Or make kheer and give. Milk in any form is ok. Otherwise, for substitute u can give dahi or paneer in different forms too if the baby likes. Regarding weight gain, give baby solids properly, add ghee to the diet. Give whatever you make at home, a one year old can have the same food that's cooked at home. And don't worry too much about the weight if the baby is active, healthy and takes meals properly.