26 weeks completed ...i am in 7th month now ...please wish me good luck...i need blessings dear friends ....i love you all a lot ...after a long long period of wait and suffered misscarriages i reached here..please say some kind words for me ...thnk u baby chakra .

Hello Dear Kiara, WE all are with you :) Be happy and enjoy this phase! Our best wishes are with you!

Thank you Khushboo Chouhan

Congratulations dear...don't worry...eat healthy and be happy...don't stress....loads of love to you too....share the good news after the lil ones arrival 🤗

Sending you some positive energy! 🙏🏼

👌👌 god bless u dear. aage b sb acha rahe...

Are sb bdiya hoga tnsn ni lene ka positive socho sb bdiya rhega bhgwan h sb sath dega faltu me tnsn ni lene ka

More power to you kiara... And all the good wishes and happiness your way. Take care of yourself and always be positive and happy. Everything will go smooth..Don't worry.

thank uSaloni Shah Reshma Chaudhary Rama kumar Shiv Sankar ❤PARUL TIWARI❤ Sonam patel

thank u Mahima Atishaya

All the best, Good Luck. God Bless you

Yay all the best to you.

God bless you and good luck to you and your baby

Thank you Navjeet Singh Rebecca Prakash Sarita Rautela Aarzoo

all the best have a safe delivery

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