My 6 months baby is having cold and cough from past 15 days. Even after multiple visit to doctor it's not going. I am really worried about his health. He is having lot of cough, nose block, running nose. Is there any home remedies I can try and will it work? He is always prone to such things, is there any way I can build immunity such as trying out homeopathic etc? Please suggest.

Home Remedies For Curing Cough And Cold In Children

Natural Remedies For Your Baby’s Cold

Hi include ghee in his diet every day it helps in building good immunity, Make sure you take him out to places like park, malls, temples ,restaurants etc the more he is exposed to all these the more his immunity will build.

Excerpts from LiveChat with Dr Bhavi Mody: Immunity of children against cold and cough

They will gradually develop immunity. For the first two years their immunity will be low. Bath steams will definitely help. Also make a potli with roasted garlic and ajwain and keep it next to the cot where he sleeps. Rubbing a little baby rub on his feet soles will also help

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