I breastfeed my one month old baby. should bra b worn while on breastfeeding. I have heard that during  lactation wearing bra should b avoided.

its a myth dear.  wear comfortable loose bra..  but u should wear it :)

hi anon u also get nursing bras. pls wear a bra, its just a myth!

you can wear a nursing bra. bras should b wore. wear loose cotton one.. you can open it at night. no issues

you should wear well fitting nursing bra it is recommended by gynaecologists also. make sure it is of good quality and w/o underwires. 

its a myth , ur breast will get in improper shape don't stop wearing bra

wear well fitted nursing bra...

You can use nursing bra which is well fitted and comfortable.Wear a good one.

it is a myth pl do wear a nice fitting bra as it will avoid them from sagging

I never faced any problem with the nursing ones.

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