My babygirl is 9months old and has eczema her neck back and leg area has become red. this has happened for the second time first time it happened when she was 4months old and doctor had put her on atrax drops and atogla cream.it lasted for few days but it was very stressful to see her face red.now it has happened again im highly upset and depressed as out of no where it has happened again plz help also is homeopathy a good option to consider as she hates having medicines and cries a lot while having it.also how long does eczema last in babies what to do and what not to do and will it go permanently?

Revauthi rajamani Dr. Priyanka Patel

Eczema is recurring disease. It might come up any time. My son has the same issue. But when you see that it's just beginning start treating ,don't let it develop then apply cream and give medicine. Yes homeopathy works well. I have opted for homeopathy my sin is responding well.

if you believe in consistency then the best advice for you will be to be consistent regardless of skin getting eczema rash or skin being normally treated everyday after bath so choose a lotion likewise everyday lotion situs physiogel can be used on the baby so this will prevent the player of eczema everyday also keep away from the sunlight morning sunlight is good for babies but rest in the entire day baby should not be exposed to Harsh weather dander dirt halogens such as change of soaps and lotions you need to keep a specific product for your baby to be used everyday not switching more on shampoos and lotions is important because it can be a flare because of parabens or because of dust or because of mites or because of sensitivity to skin so there are multiple factors so important that you shield your baby properly

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