hi  I have a 6 months old daughter . up till now she  had  both bf and fm but  now  she  has suddenly  refused  to take  fm  she  only  wants  be. I m a working  woman  plz suggest  what  to  do

Hi Vini. Does she only want your breast milk? Have you started weaning her ?

yup ...she only  wants mine bf
I have  just  started  giving  her semi solids.. and  since  dn only she  has left  bottle feed

dear u can express some milk breast milk n give it dear during woek hours

Vini, it will be best if you can pump your milk and store it for your child to be fed while you are at work. This will require some discipline and planning. If your baby still wants your breast milk, it is great and continue until she weans off herself.

Also, if your baby doesn't want fm, that's totally fine. DO NOT force feed. You will find some tips in this post by MomStar Sheeba Vijesh heloful.

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