My baby girl is 22 months old her weight is 9 kgs is that fine
Her birth weight is 2 kgs.
I am having a big time problem when it comes to lunch time and dinnerz. Most of the time she pukes, i have taken to drs she is all fine but she has made her mind that food is a no no to her.she still eats purees she cannot eat grainny food if she does then immediately she vomits . Apart from all this she is completly a super active child.
Plz suggest some nutrious food and diet where in i can make her healthy and increase her weight.

Hi Ameena the problem here is chewing she must chew, go through this article written by me and let me know if you have any questions The Many Myths Around How Babies Chew Food

Also go through the hashtag #weaningatarah .

Thank u so much for ur answer hope she learns soon how to chew her food inspite of gulping it or either puking it out.Rebecca Prakash

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