My baby is 24 days old should I take her to the sunlight for abt 10 to 15 minutes daily?

And should I use a sunscreen? If yes, then which baby sunscreen is available pls let me know 😊


hi pooja i dont think u shud use sunscreen for 10-15 mins of the early morning sunlight. Mamaearth has a sunscreen i think which u can use later on whn u are exposing for a longer time. Sheeba Vijesh sonam patel Sumira Bhatia

asha chaudhry yeah but sunscreen shud b used otherwise also as we adults use for ourselves bcoz UV rays are eveywhere btwn the sunrise nd sunset. and thank u for suggeting mamaearth 😊 nd should i take my baby to sunlight or not?

pooja did ur dr ask u to take baby out for a bit in the morning? did baby hv jaundice? if so, then pls follow dr's advice. where do u live? if sun is harsh then pls avoid. i live in goa and its raining like mad. so the sun wud be good here for an infant :)

I was asked to take my baby out daily in sun but only before is a must for their Daily Dose of vitamin d. I wasn't advised sunscreen on a baby as small. I was told the use of creams and lotions should be minimalistic

please keep your baby in the sun before 9am. preferably do the oil massage in the sun. no need of using any sunscreen.

no my doc haven't asked me to do this but tip of the day in baby chakra says it 😜 nd same weather is here in uttrakhand... it's a hilly area nd raining cats nd dogs but the sun comes up in my gallery around 11am
asha chaudhry

hey pooja a bit of sun at that hr shud be just fine!

ya even i wud advice to use mamaearth sunscreen
really gud

Hey pooja 10 to 15 mins indirect sunlight is absolutely fine.dont apply any sunscreen on your baby's skin.keep your baby wrap in thin cotton cloth while giving sunlight.avoid face n eyes..

10-15 no need of sunscreen,when u go out u can use natural based sunscreen from moms Co it is very safe chemical free

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