How does one know if you are producing enough breast milk? My 1 week old baby latches fine and drinks milk till she herself detaches from the nipple. I can also see the thick milk residue on her mouth. Still after less than an hour she cries out in hunger. What should I do?

If baby is wetting minimum seven nappies per day then baby has fed well in the last 24 hours. Baby could cry for other reasons as well and not just hunger. It's just that moms find it easiest to latch the baby on as that quietens the baby and baby is comforted more from being close to the mother and her heart beat.

Sonali baby wet more than 25 nappies in the 24 it fine ?she hoLDS urine while sleeping.. either once or twice in 6 hours....yet her weight gain is not so well..plz guide ma'am

she is on bm and 160 ml of formula milk each day

hi radha has the dr asked u to give fm?