Hi, jab baby spit up Kare like curd or after feeding to use najar lag gai aise mere relatives bolte Hai or jabhi bahar Jake aye to vo Jyada rone Lage to najar lagi aise hota Hai kya? actually I really Dnt believe on such things.. I need answer so that I can make them ubderstand that its nothing like that

No. This is all a myth. It is going to be very difficult for you to explain to them and I would suggest just don't try. Rest assured for yourself that this does not happen and you can relax.

no Aisa kuch nhi hota h..meri daughter b khi se aakr roti h....actually I noticed she doesn't like outside envirmnt....n chip chip she doesn't lyk...she needs freedom..n own playing

i felt in my baby tat she feels conjested and she cant play freely.....once she z at home wit extra clothing out,she z happy nd playing

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