my baby is 1.5 mnth old, i think my bm is nt sufficient fr  her so at last i gave her fm, and she is becoming so weak . please suggest me fr this . i want to start dms milk fr her is it okay???

what's DMS milk. how do you know she is becoming weak? if her pee count is 8+ in a day and weight gain is good, you have sufficient BM

how do u know ur bm is less ? did you meet a lactation consultant ?

she is doing more than 8

then it's okay if pee count is more than 8

any other milk cn i gve her

please continue giving BM. if you are concerned, meet a lactation consultant. alternatively, you can give FM also. but no animal milk till 1 year

which fm cn i gve her...right nw she is taking lactogen 1 doctor has suggested me to give isomilk.which is better

both are good. see which your baby likes. if her pee count is good, please continue with BM.

Wat FM r u giving to ur baby

Your Go To Manual For All Possible Breastfeeding Problems! why do you think bm is not sufficient?  is she not gaining weight? don't start dms

when u give fm,  ur body drops bm,  which m sure u dont need. fm is also fine,  but then nothing compares to bm. if u r at home,  pls feed baby for as long as u can. i did that for 16 months. didnt give any formula and introduced cow milk only after 1 year of age. the result ? my baby's immune system is rock solid ! v hardly ever get cold ,  coughs ,  fevers,  upset tummys or infections.

hi dear try to increase your milk supply, if your baby pees minimum 7 times and active then your milk supply is sufficient. read this ...and only keep FM as last option ..atleast for 6 months babys should get mother milk only Foods that Enhance Breastfeeding

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