Hiee ladies, need advice , i got my periods back after 1 year of delivery. That too lasts for 1 day only. Im afraid is it normal?? Or i have to visit doctor?

Hi Parul, I guess it's normal. After my delivery even I too got my periods after 10-11 months n then had very mild spotting. I went to my gyn also, she told this happens as the uterus gets matured. Don't worry.

You need not to worry but if you are not using any kind of precautions while having sexual intercourse then you will need to see your gynecologist just to plan your contraception as your menses please start to continue and normalise in second cycle next month by the time you should the use of copper t or start with family planning tablets to help you reduce the risk of getting pregnant again if at all if you are planning then you must speak to your gynecologist otherwise there is no need to worry follow and precautions

@Akanksha thank u dear

@Dr. Priyanka Patel thank u so much

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