Hi kindly suggest me should I start using anti stretch marks oil from now. I am in my 4 months of pregnancy. Which one to go for, can you suggest?

Yes it's better to start now .. you can use bio oil or stretch nil anything.. keep moisterising

Stretch Marks- Occurrence, Prevention & Cure!

Hi yes from 2nd trimester you should use, I used "the moms co " stretch marks oil and body butter. Very effective. Continue using after delivery also.

You can try Mama earth's stretch marks cream. It has Shea butter and cocoa butter.

Hey I used mom's co products, they are great, safe as well as give that extra moisture to ur skin which will make ur skin soft plus will help to reduce those stretch marks. They have oil, body butter use both one at day and other at night, Keep using it post delivery as well. Have a happy pregnancy

Hi use natural body butter and natural stretch oil from moms co they are toxin free,prevents from itchiness,dry and reduces the stretch marks my personal experience