my baby is still not drinking milk by feeding bottle how can I introduce

Hi mommy don't force. Keep trying, be patient. After 2-3 trials each day, leave as it is, if you dont get success. After 2-3 days try again.

Why u r using bottel????

Hi Nidhi, the baby is 10 months now. Bottle isn't needed. It will be difficult to introduce now since baby isn't habituated to it, n then ultimately u will have to wean him off the bottle too. Try introducing sippy cup or small open tumbler from which the baby can drink. It will be convenient for you too. I started with cup when my daughter was around 9-10 months of age to give her water.

Hi Nidhi bottle should be completely weaned by 12 months so no point in introducing bottle now. Offer in sippy cup and small tumblers. Bottle is not recommended also.