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Hello... I'm 32 week pregnant .... My baby stoped growing or growing slowly...and there weight is also low ie 1.3kg ..... My doctor suggest me to do early delivery... Is the early delivery is necessary for my case?... early delivery means cesarean delivery? Plzz reply...

Hi Rupali please upload your scan reports.

Dr. Priyanka Patel please guide.

1.3 kg in 32 week is very less Rupali you need to follow your doctor's advice because we don't have your reports in hand and please upload your doppler report before

There is growth restriction Rupali it is very important to follow a cesarean delivery after a 3 week

Can you give me any suggestion to avoid cesarean delivery...

Dr. Priyanka Patel if I don't follow cesarean delivery and go with the due date of my delivery then is it makes any problem to me or my baby...

Please reply Dr. Priyanka Patel