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Hi friends.. My baby completed 4months.. Till 3 months i use to keep alarm 3-4 hrs once and dream feed her.. Now she herself waking for every 2 hrs or even less and start to cry.. So during night i fed her more than 6 times.. My sleep completely disturbed.. Please guide how to make her sleep properly and feed her at demand?

Hi Anon, it might be a growth spurt. Babies will do this in between, when they want to feed more, and become more cranky and difficult to settle. During feeding at night, keep the lights dim, don't talk to the baby much. Ensure she feeds well before sleeping in the night,so that her tummy remains full. Mostly, keep patience, if you aren't happy, you won't be able to keep the baby happy too. For sometime, give the baby to someone else after feeding to settle her down n make her sleep. Sometimes, babies do like this, they sense the tension in our mind n refuse to settle.

Thank u Akanksha Bhuri

Your baby is so small. At this age, it's common that get up at night several times. Its a growth sprut.
Only thing u can do is can get others help , after feeding u can hand over baby 2 other person 4 making 2 sleep . Else u can pump bm ND keep so when ur baby gets up, anyone else can feed.
Once u start solids, slowly baby will adjust 2 sleep more time

In this stage, baby do demand feed. So, this will happen. Lie down and feed it will help. Also give some else to put her sleep after you feed or pump out milk