hi my baby is 2 months old..she is developing herself very nicely by the grace of god.. i follow daily development chart of babychakr and its exactly the same development in my baby n i am very happy with that.. but my concern is that as she is developing her sight n vision abilities she likes to watch tv screen or mobile i am alone at home with my baby even i get bored so i on the tv n feed baby or play with her n talk to her.. but when she is about to sleep and is on my lap she watches the tv screen..though the distance of tv is quite far but will it cavse difficulty in her eye sight in future? its not always she watches the tv but when on my lap she likes to watch it..

will it affect my baby's eyes in future if she watches the tv screen now.. its only sometimes she does that, while sleeping on my lap or when alone n playing.. Rebecca Prakash plz reply mam..

Hi Rashmi few things we can't avoid, it's okay if its once in a while, She is just curious about the image moving. My 17 mo watches TV if we watch but gets distracted immediately and does something else. Unless and until they over do it we don't have to be worried. Do you sing? Do that often she will enjoy.

Rebecca Prakash Hi Mam.. thank you so much.. yes she does it sometimes only.. when i am not around just to entertain her i put her in that position so that she doesn't cry.. yes i do activities like talking to her, singing songs or on youtube i play rhymes n all.. 😊

Good but never show her the mobile. No matter what.

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