There is bleeding in umbilical cord,is there any problem, it should fall in one or two days

If bleeding is there, please conslt doct. Actly it should get dried up by days .
Take special care that no water in that naval area

Please try neosporin cream as well as neosporin powder if there is a slight blood because it happens sometimes happened with my baby too. But consult doc if bleeding is more

Make sure clip Jyada cloth k touch me na aaye if bleeding more consult doc
For my baby it took around 11 days to fall even it bleeded whenevr got touch with cloth or something else jab taken try nhi hoga it won't fall keep using neosprin powder 3-4 times a day

Plz consult with your doctor

Mere bete kai Saath bhi aisa hi hua tha blood aana normal hai ise dry rakhe.koi bhi oil,cream, powder na lagaye ye apne aap kuch dino mai thik ho jayega.

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