My daughter use to eat everything before a month like all the vegetables,fruits,rice,dal but now she only ask to eat khir ..she denies to take anything without it..i am very much worried about her this behaviour plz suggest me what can u do?i have askd her dic so they said keep her hungry for some period but dont give khir now..plz suggest best option?

Hi Priyanka, children behave cranky in terms of food sometimes.. sweet food all the time isn't good for her, so u will have to be strict. Tell her politely that milk is finished so no kheer today. Or something else, she might be cranky for a while but will give in when hungry. Give her options, like today what will you have, khichdi or dal rice or dosa? Let her choose. When children feel they are the incharge of things and choice is with them, they might be happy n eat.

Thank you so much Akanksha

Hi go cold Turkey with sweet, its addictive . Once its not offered baby will eat other foods.

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