Hi ladies,

I want to ask what if during pregnancy sometimes you and your husband fights and you end up crying most of the time will this affect baby ?

Please tell me ladies if you have gone through any such events during pregnancy ?

Mahima Atishaya Sania Bhushan Sulbha Bathwal please advicr

Hi dear... Yes emotions are scientifically proven to affect the baby's important to stay happy and have positive and healthy thoughts ..please avoid negative atmosphere...try reading good happy articles and posts ...or something like Cartoon... whenever things don't seem fine walk out off the room ... During Pregnancy emotional high lows are very common...but it's important to stay calm and just avoid it ..

Thanks mahima I try to avoid it but sometimes it's just doest go like I plan...but will take care of it more from now on

Happens dear... Actually we are also too sensitive during this period due to our hormonal changes..
Try to control yourself and focus on positive things and be happy ..
Ignore negative talks.. try to be happy .. divert your mind , listen to music... And most importantly.. expect a little less.. that's the best thing ... Do share with us when ever you feel low.. all of us are here to share our stories.. take care n cheer up .

Thanks Kavita... Means alot. I just want baby to be happy and healthy after these incidents I regret and feel sad why it happened and may be am not being good mom I feel

Yes it will effect dear,so it is better to keep urself calm n happy.U can involve urself in reading religious books n soothing music.Whenever sometimes it happen,just control urself n think of ur baby,then u will feel relax.So be happy n take care

Hi yes try to avoid arguments, Always remember happy moms makes happy babies.

Thank you Sania and Rebecca I will take care :)