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I want oats recipe for my 7 months old baby

Baby Food Recipe: Oats Custard

Hi do not give instant ones,it processed. Buy rolled oats or steel cut osts, simply roast in ghee for 5 minutes add water and cook,at the end add few tablespoons of milk ,you can also add nuts powder. Dont offer salt or sugar till 1 year.

Are oats to be grinded into a powder initially? Rebecca Prakash

Not required Anshika well cooked oats is enough, check my hashtags #weaningatarah for more weaning related information and read this article The Many Myths Around How Babies Chew Food

Any specific brand I need to start with? Rebecca Prakash

Quaker has rolled oats , there are lot of orangic brands as well, check in super markets. By nature oats, Gerber, by naturally etc are the brands. Big basket and even amazon should have.