Is high chair really required???

Hi! @nisha Poojari, High chair is highly recommended if your child and sit. It helps inculcate a sense of how to eat at a table, allows the child to touch and feel the food too. Plus it’s a dedicated space for meals so the child associates meal times with sitting in one place and eating.

Addditonally it limits the mess one creates. this is an old blog I wrote on how to identify a good high chair and its pricing. Read to see if it helps you. But yes definitely do opt for a high chair. PS. The blog has an affiliate link which is no more functional. And there are many more options for a high chair available on the market. You can also check pre loved ones. Happy feeding! :)

I highly recommend it, it is easier to feed the child as if they won't sit in a one place n eat, plus to teach self feeding it works well, so do invest in one

Hi yes always, It gives them a proper place to sit and eat. Running here and there and eating will end up as distracted feeding. You can check the hashtag #weaningatarah for more weaning related information.