If we not go to check up means what will happen

Hi, if you won't go for checkup then you won't come to know the current situation, and complications if any. Many problems can be prevented if known early.

Thanks for your answer

But , I don't want to carry medical child
I want only nature baby

Hi what do you mean by Medical child? Scanning , blood tests, supplements are very important in pregnancy. Is it not better than delivering a handicap or problematic child? Kindly visit doctor.

Agree with Rebecca. It's better to know the things now, and working for wellbeing of the baby, instead of regretting later on.

You know omeswar ji now a days even the people from remote areas go to doctors. Some people have the mindset- pehle bhi toh bache paida hote the, aur swasth hote the... But if you observe things, there were more death rates and also children were mostly effected by malnutrition... Above all when you are pregnant body needs more nutrients and if those nutrients are not fulfilled there will be deficiency and it can cause several problems to the baby. And when there is facility to know whether the baby in womb is fine, organs are developing well or not,.Then why not go for it...

Thank you very much for your replies