Rebecca Prakash mam can i use pacifier for my 2 months old daughter?? actually at night she has a very diatracted sleep.. she sleeps well when i breastfeed her n till she is on my lap.. but as soon as i place her on the bed after 10-15mins she gets distracted and throws tantrums with her hands n legs n even head.. she starts to suck her fist vigorously.. as my delivery was c-section its difficult for me to everytime get up immediately n feed her.. i get tired n feel sleepy as well.. so can i use a pacifier atleast at night??

Hi please No, It's very addictive and weaning from the pacifier itself will be a big task. Too much of usage causes denture problems, it will also make them to miss their feed which will end up in weight loss. Rashmi breastfeeding is tiresome and I understand what you are going through, I too had cection . Lie down and feed , it will give you some rest. These are not tantrums dear thats how every baby will react. Sleeping through out the night is not possible for them, they have a small tummy. Things will settle, have patience.

Rebecca Prakash ok mam.. surely will follow ur instructions.. thank u.. 😊👍