Baby is 6months now.. she haven't sit on her own.. But for feeding can i make her sit on feeding chair with support??

Hi dear...let your baby take time...don't forcibly make her sit...u can use a arm chair or else let ur baby feed by lying down and make her burp after that ... But do not make her sit properly...back will get strained...use a arm chair which is semi sitting n lying down position

Hi no lying down and feeding please, it's chocking hazzard. Check the following pointers.

There are 4 criteria that HAVE to be met most importantly before starting solids.;
1. Baby must have completed 180 days/6 Months;
2. Baby must be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds;
3. Baby must have lost tongue thrust.;
4. Shows interest in food;
Once baby meets ALL the criteria, only then you may start solids.;
Please remember that for the baby’s first year, bm/fm is the main source of nutrition. Solids are not to be used to make the child “fatter/gain weight/fuller/sleep better”;
This is because their digestive tracks are still not mature enough to process food completely so they may not be able to extract nutrition fully from solids. However, having said that, it doesn’t mean you should not feed them healthy options. This is the practice period which will set the pattern for their eating habits in the long run... so avoid force feeding, distraction feeding, giving junk food or masking tastes of things;
No animal milk, salt, no sugar/jaggery/honey till the baby completes 1 year. Even post that if you can avoid, please do.;
Before every solids meal, give bm/ff (about 20-30 mins before);
Continue to breastfeed as normal and don’t replace a feed session with solids.;
When you introduce solids introduce everything individually first, be it fruit or vegetable or cereal.;
6th month - 1 meals;
7th Month-2 meals;
8th Month- 3 meals;
9th month- 3 meals and a snack if needed;
10th Months- same; as above and give snacks as per demand.;
If you are doing traditional weaning, then steam instead of boiling before pureeing;
Start with breakfast and observe any reactions.;
Offer variety. Don’t give the baby the same thing for several days
Don’t be alarmed if baby doesn’t eat more than a few grains or a bite in the initial days, it’s normal.;
Follow the baby’s cues when it comes to quantity. If baby persistently refuses then don’t force.;
Will add to this if I remember any more points
Some suggestions for starting weaning :-
Sweet potato;
Chick peas;
Any other fruit or vegetable;
You can also give upma or Ragi porridge
Post introducing everything on its own you can start doing combinations;
Like peas and cauliflower;
Apples and banana etc
Introduce without spice first so baby can taste everything in its natural form.;

Hello dear...You can make the baby sit on your lap or you can get a high chair for feeding. No issues with that.

So if your baby can sit unsupported for few seconds also she is ready. My daughter too did not sit on her own till 8 months so initially i made her sit on my lap and then slowly made her to sit on the high chair. Make sure the baby is in upright position. For more weaning related information check the hashtag #weaningatarah .

Nilofer Shaikh@mommyingandmore Akanksha Bhuri

First make her sit with support on your lap and then if you feel confide t tht she can sit on highchair then go ahead. Initially we made out lo sit on nb our lap and fed only when we were confident tht she could manage on highchair did we shift her.

Yes, u can make her sit with support, initially in your lap, then with support of pillows. Slowly, shift to the high chair when you think she is ready and comfortable. Happy weaning 😊

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