My baby boy completed 2 months yesterday, his head is not round it’s cone shape. I am using mustard seeds pillow too but no help. Please suggest me how I can shape my baby’s head.

And till when we have time to correct the head shape.

No worry. You don't need to take any risk. After one year it will come to round shape automatically. The shape of the head depends only upon the heredity.

Because all my relatives are telling that it should be corrected in first 11 days itself. M really worried. Are there any steps that I can do to correct it as a parent.

Hi anon, you can't do anything much about it. Ask the relatives who tell this, ask that how to correct it, please guide because I don't know. Keep using mustard pillow, it will get in proper shape soon don't worry 😊

Hi please do not listen to all this , the head shape will change.

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