Hello Mommies

My baby girl is 3+ months old and she has a major gas problem and her skin is also very dry.someone suggested to give her dabur Lal ghutti and gripe water as it is safe and good for baby growth.

Is it ok to give these to my baby daily?

I also applied Hing on her tummy bt she gets rashes with that.please suggest.

Do not give gripe water. If there are rashes due to hing then try mamaearth digestion and colic relief easy tummy roll on. It is made up of hing and fennel oil only. I am also using it for my dd and no rashes or any other problem is there. It is effective and easy to use and carry. Also move baby's legs in cycling position when gas persists and always while massaging. It also helps to release gas.

Hi no ghutti or gripe water. Try bicycling with both her legs. . In a small box mix black salt, crushed pepper, ajwain, hing ,crushed jeera and mix it together. Have it often , your milk will have the strong smell and baby won't get gas. If you are bottle feeding then lot of chances for gas.