Hi, my baby is 6 months old I stated with nestum, Apple (steamed). All of a sudden she is pooping more than 7 times a day till I visited doctor. Doctor prescribed econorm and Z&D saying it's not infection. But it's been 3 days I'm using these medicines and no change she is pooping after every feed. What should I do? Stop nestum and other solid? She is on 80% formula feed and 20% breast milk.

Hi srujuna, there is a noticeable change in poop when we start with solids for the baby. Ensure that the primary nutrition still comes from formula n breastmilk and rest from solids. I suggest, stop nestum, and give fresh homemade food instead, like mashed banana, mashed mango, apple puree, cheeku puree etc, watered down daal, steamed n pureed vegetables, soups etc. Packaged food like cerelac and nestum should be avoided unless it's an emergency and you do not have any options. Happy weaning 😊

Stop solids for few days and see specially nestum.
There will be change in poop pattern once u start with solids