Do you guys use sunscreen for your kids ? I read that you should be using it regularly for kids above 6 months. Which sunscreen do you use?

I use during swimming ..lotus .. but I don't use regularly.. baby cream just that. For you I think it's too early to use sun screen..

I’m asking for my nephew actually, he stays with us, he’s 8 months old., we take him for morning walks and weekend swims

I have never used... If you step out then you can use sunscreen for babies. There no need of using them indoors.
Have heard about mamaearth sunscreen lotions. You can give it a try.

I have recently started using The Moms Co baby Suncreen. It's really effective and the fact that the product is 100% natural is an assurance and relief.

We use The Moms Co. Baby sunscreen for both our kids

My freinds are using The Moms Co Mineral Based Sunscreen and they said said it worth using this brand🙂 . I am using some of the pregnancy products as of now and they really are helpful, looking forward to use the baby products from the same brand.

Tanvi you can use the moms co sunscreen for the baby as I am using it for my son and it is very good

Can we use sunscreen for 4 months old

Regular in sence when ever you you go out I suggest Momsco sunscreen cream with SPF and natural ingredients and essential oils which is really good and safe to use

I use the moms Co mineral based sunscreen for my kid. It is made from carrot seed oil and red raspberry oil . It is effective and provides protection from harmful rays.

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