I am a mom of twins born on oct 3rd a boy a girl. i have been formula feeding my babies since day 1. I tried breastfeeding but was unsuccessful. i feel guilty.. depressed and sad all the time. i feel like the worst mom. Are formula fed babies equally healthy as breastfed. will they have good IQ levels. will they face problems in the future because of formula milk. i feel horrible.

Comeon!! You don't need to worry this much and there's nothing to feel guilty for not being able to breastfeed your sweet twins. It happens to few moms. But this is not gonna continue. Many women are there who initially started with formula feeding and switched completely to breastfeeding. What made you to say that were not able to breastfeed and what made it unsuccessful? Still you can do something to stimulate your milk. Did you had skin-to-skin contact and tried to feed your babies ? If not, that may work so do try. Did you tried to hand express/pump and did you got atleast few drops of milk? If yes, you can surely breastfeed your baby by proper way of stimulation. And coming to formula feed, yeah nothing is comparable to breast milk but breastfeed babies too get infected by some diseases. there's nothing like breastfed babies have more IQ level and more healthier than formula fed babies. It all depends on the way you grow them up, so chill !! Which formula are you giving to your kids ?

Breastfeeding is not the only thing which makes a mom. Even babies who are breast fed and later as they grow eat all the junk food possible will negate the positive effects of Breastfeeding.So in the flip if you have given formula which may not be as perfect as breast milk but surely has been designed keeping the baby's system in mind and later as they grow you ensure they eat healthy etc that will help much better. Your post partum hormones are also making a difference here and it is important that you just relax and let things be. As far as IQ is concerned the bigger factor is the stimulus that is provided to the growing brain. Talk read sing to your children. You can try flash cards texture cards other forms of stimulation which will help make more neuron connections in the brain. Last but not the least remember a happy mom means a happy baby so if you keep dwelling on these feelings that makes you anxious upset and not happy. Enjoy your babies they are the most precious gift and guilt is not part of being a mom. Every mom is The Best Mom :)

@Subha - thank u soo much for ur reply. i was unsuccessful because baby girl was not able to latch well, she was very weak. baby boy wanted milk very fast and i was getting very little. so the only option was formula. i really wish i could switch but right now i dont get any milk. If u think there is a possibility for me to still breastfeed with proper stimulation, i would love to do so. please lemme know wat i should do.. initially i used hand pump but in vain. i am giving them dexolac 1. also yes initially i used to get very lil milk like after manually pumping for 40 mins or so i would get 30 to 40 ml.. do u think relactation is possible.

@Sonali Shivlani - thank u so much.

I have been in your exact same shoes and I have thought these exact same things... my twin boys couldn't get bf because I couldn't make enough. my boys are 3 years old today and their teacher tells me they are the most active kids in class. they know their concepts very well and are friendly and lovely children. one day they miss school and I get a call from their teachers.

so NO. FORMULA FEEDING does not hamper anything in your child. what option do you have? you can't breastfeed for certain issues and you don't want to formula feed. is there a choice?

alternatively there are milk banks now in India. check online and see if you would want to consider that!! Babychakra can also help you in that case :-)

bringing up twins is a herculean task. don't give in to stress so easily... afterall, now you are supermom!!

Hello! We Mom Stars are here for you. Loads of moms face this. Even i had issues of not being able to feed. But i did not give up and kept trying. Initially baby was on formula but then i was able to feed and did so till he was 2 years! Connect with us. Keep chatting and let us be each others support. We are amazing moms!

Hey, don't feel guilty. I am a mother of twins too and have faced all these dilemmas. The more you stress and feel guilty the less milk you produce. These days formula milk is designed keeping the age and requirements of kids in mind and they are equally healthy options. It's true that breastmilk is the best but if not given doesn't make you any less of a Mother. Bond with your kids well and keep them happy which can happen only when you yourself stay happy. My kids have been on a mix of formula and breastfeed. When you have twins in the house breastmilk or formula doesn't matter, what matters is to meet the needs and requirements of both the kids on time. Once kids grow you will find them at par with all the other kids. So chill and enjoy your motherhood.

Don't feel guilty. You can choose a formula with prebiotics coz that is the closest to breastmilk. Our paediatrician suggested aptamil and we used it for our baby coz I was low on supply too. Aptamil is good for gut health too.

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