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I m 4 months pregnant, from three days m suffering from severe cold, what medicine should i take.

In pregnancy before 16 weeks we do not prescribe antibiotics on medicines right away if you have tried natural measures and your having a lot of congestion and cough because of which you feel a lot of stomach pain then you can speak to your gynecologist about ambroxol guaphesin cough syrup with levocetirizine birthday should only be prescribed after one auscultation is done to hear your chest sounds and if it is really a serious infection otherwise do lukewarm water gargle salt goggles everyday three times for cold have Eucalyptus oil handi at home which you can put 2-3 drops while bathing and 2-3 drops while sleeping you will put drops on your bed apart from this you can take honey in sauntt powder which is also known as ginger dry ginger