My hair is getting tangled lot at the end. This started happening from pregnancy onwards. Please suggest what can I do?

Hi due harmonal changes the hair texture will change. It should be back to normal.

You can create a hair routine. Oil twice a week. Use a good shampoo and conditioner that suits you. Also use a hair serum to smoother out the hair. The same happened with me too. Basically hair texture does change postbpartum! You could also opt for a hair treatment.

You can try using " the moms co " natural protein shampoo and conditioner It will improve the hair texture.

Hi you can use moms co natural protein shampoo it increase the hair density very well and the hair becomes silky too ,it's my personal experience.

You can try the moms co natural proteins shampoo and as well as it's conditioner.if will improve your hair density and texture too.

use the hair care that is natural and keep oiling your hair this kind of issues happen dear no worry at all . If you want can try the moms co hair care .