hi. I'm going through very bad stage of depression. I thought of going for a vacation with my husband leaving my baby at my mom's place. people who know me will be shocked after hearing my decision.coz I dont trust anybody for my baby. I nvr left my baby alone. I'm very much scared to do so..10 months old..will baby be able to cope without me for 4 days? I'm nervous as well as depressed

Hey! Relax. It’s normal to be nervous when leaving your baby alone for the first time. However remember that the baby is going to be with your mom. She will take care of the baby. More important you are going on a vacation only for 4 days. The reason you need this break and planned is coz you feel depressed. Always know that a happy woman is a happier mom! You need to be calm and at peace with self. Being a mom often can be very tiring and a lil break doesn’t hurt. Infact if you take this vacation you will come back refreshed wanting to more fun things with your child. So go!

Rebecca Prakash @mahima can you guys share your experiences or tag moms who have had a similar experience.

Rebecca Prakash @mahima can you guys share your experiences or tag moms who have had a similar experience.

Hey don't worry .. the baby should be fine. Before you leave , let your mom spend time with the baby so that the baby gets used to it.. even one night you sleep in the different room and let the baby be with your mom .Once you see the baby adjust you will be fine and can go happily.. So before you leave either you go to your mom's place for two to three days or call her..What ever is feasible..
Recently one of my neighbours went to Australia for 10 days leaving the baby with her Mil for 10 days , all went on well.. Don't worry and go ahead ! TC

Hi Anon nothing to feel guilty or fret over this. There are moms who leave their kid and go for jobs ,they travel overseas also. You need this break and you deserve this. Enjoy n come refreshed.

thanks for the support

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