Hi i am 15 week pregnant my sugar level is very high 10 day ago doctor gave me insulin ad said me take 3 time 15 min before meal ad gave me medicine ad said me to buy accu-chek blood glucose monitoring system ad check 4 time in a day after one hour meal I did same thing after 4 days doctor called me again ad she saw my daily sugar levels then she said me don't take insulin but till 9 month continue check sugar 4 time when it will increase again start insulin but my problem is my sugar level is flacute very fast yesterday night I had 177 what I do I follow all diets chart this chart doctor gave me ad when my sugar levels increase my heartbeat is fast

Hi Babita are you also consulting a diabetes specialist? They give you proper information. Or speak with her again about yesterday's episode. Go for walk after every meal that helps.

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