My wife is 7 month pregnant .in her ultrasound report cistern magna is 8.6 mm and lateral ventricle is 8 it normal...if not then what should she do??

Hi please upload the report.

Dr. Priyanka Patel please guide.

Please guide @Dr.priyanka Patel mam

Are you suffering from blood pressure thyroid aur diabetes have you been tested for torch cmv tests if not then I will advise you to speak to your doctor about your baby's growth if the lmp date is absolutely correct because according to the lmp your baby should be 29.6 weeks and more because this is done on first and in the scan there is two weeks difference also I will advise you to get one Doppler study we need to see proper blood few circulating in the babies body at this moment I will advise you to not to worry just keep a check on your vitals and the swelling should not increase prominent cisterna Magna will again be checked after 4 weeks project for some variations I will advise you to not to worry now

Thank you for the advice mam

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