I want to introduce bottle also to my baby girl after 6 months.please suggest which bottle will be best.

Hi Samina Naushad the best bottle brands are definitely Dr. Brown as they reduce the probability of colic and has formation in the baby due to the straw system. There are multiple@other brands available such as players, mee mee, munchkin.

Morison is another option. In steel Pura is a good one.

Also pls note that in due time your girl will move towards Sippy cups and straw cups and that too can be used to feed to the child. Avoid nipple confusion in case you continue to breastfeed the baby. I introduced a straw bottle to my son at month 8–9 and would offer milk to him in it. Philips avent was the brand.

Hi Samina, since the baby is going to be 6 months soon, I would suggest you to try sippy cups, instead of using bottles. Eventually you will have to wean her off bottles too. And from 9-10 months, you can start making her drink from a small open Cup too. In sippy cups, we have used Philips avent for a long time. Ultimately, it's your choice.

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