what r the conditions when it's said that Bf is not suiting the infant. ?

Does BF stands for breast feeding? I have never heard any thing as such or come across any one who have said that breast feeding is not suiting the baby.. Your posts comes to me as a surprise..if your infant is falling ill , there definitely has to be some other reason...

are u fcing some issues while feeding ?

Lactose intolerance in rare few cases maybe?

no. . someone said me that if child s facing colic or gas frequently then it might b coz Bf s not suiting the child

Hey colic happens when baby is unable to digest the food consumed n this is because their digestive system is weak and not fully developed when they are born. no baby is exception to colic. Please consult your baby ''s pediatrician for some prescribed medicines which will help your baby with the colic problem. you as a mother definitely need to take care of what you eat. You need to eat home cooked food and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid spicy food and food which causes gas such as cabbage, tur dal, pulses, potatoes, etc. Cause consumption of the above mentioned food by mom often aggravates colic issues in the baby. But please don't stop breast feeding,your baby needs that for his growth and development. Hope this helps you.

there r very very rare conditions in which the VM dosent suit the baby. 99.99% there r no problems due to bm. even a later lactose intolerant child wil b having bm normally as any other child.
extremely rarely child may not b able to digest it. common with very preterm babies who also later slowly tolerate bm well enough.

talk to a lactation consultant try la leche league of breastfeeding for indian mums

thank you all.. my baby s fine on Bf ..

There is no incidence where bf is bad for the infant. due to ignorance there is a lot of myth and fear. consult a lactation consultant. breastfeed only for 6 moths and continue until baby self weans. join a baby wearing or mothers group.

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