Hello babychakra,
I am using this app last 1.5 years. And your guidelines
very useful for me .
But now days m seeing many repeated post again and again.
Like .. someone post any pic about headache... and another difference user also post same pic 2nd day..
So it's not good copy paste...
And also some post from Google.. agar GOOGLE hi karna hai.. so why m using this aap.
I remember, asha, aditi, most helpful moms.. whose always sharing personal experience.
Actually i want to more BBC most... only BBC moms post....
Not Google..
And last one.. other parenting apps post also sharing here.. so please do needful.

Hello dear, Yes, its very important, We also encourage moms to write their very own personal experience, if you come across any post just ask the user to give the post credit or write from where they got it, otherwise the post will be deleted

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