Hello mommies...  I have started weaning... i have introduced with steamed and mashed apple... and after few days with mashed banana.. now can both of these b mixed and given?
Neha Sharma asha chaudhry Shruti Giri Priya Sood

hi sonam! many congrats!!! hope my pink potter patel is enjoying new food and chewing specs only as papad on the side! sonam i m a purist :) i never mixed fruit together. aarini loved chikoo and papaya (mashed separately). papaya in the morning, chikoo whn we wud be out in the evening - park or even the CCD at miramar beach :))) she wud sit & dance to the music and eat! my gosh u hv made me nostalgic!!! i started with rice water, dal soup, khichadi with veggies introduced one by one, sooji kheer, upma. dont forget to chk ideas in Weaning Food Recipe (4 to 6 months) Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months). hv fun!!

aditi manja Harneet Khurana

Hello. Yes you can give. In fact slowly you can start giving veggies like carrot. Give one by one. Weaning Foods for Indian Mums: Khyati's Checklist is a good read. We have many helpful articles

Also 12 Dos And Don'ts Of Weaning is useful too

so Gud to know u v started weaning... introduce all tastes now itself yaar but very little.. and u can gv mixed fruits but wait fa sometime as nisham shud enjoy his taste and look fa when he is not interested in it then change the flavor by mixing fruits...

Great to know this sonam patel, better not mix fruits right now, just introduce new flavours, apple banana done, now give papaya or steamed pear, then steamed veggies, dal, Khichdi once u are done with introducing enough fruits and veggies then try mixing to add new flavours.

I also didn't mix any fruits...
started with rice water n dal, veggie khichdi, soups...

mixing fruits is not advisable instead you can mix fruits in homemade cereals as substitute of sugar....just keep 3 day rule active on any new food introduction and one meal is enough for the baby in first weaning month....any water like rice or Dal will not give much nutrition to baby instead overcook Dal and feed directly....after 10 months you can try heeng tadka also in ghee😍

thank you.. I didn't mix them.. and Rakhi Puri I m following everything. baby chakra has taught me a lot.

asha chaudhry he loves his spects more... he is trying to eat slowly.. first day he rejects.. second day eats a lil. and the third day is a better one...

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