How to dry up breast milk with home remedies?
I have stopped bf from past 2 days. But now my breast have become very heavy and painful. So plz help me.

Hi, one remedy my malish aunty had told me. Although I didn't need to use it myself but I know ladies who used it n it was effective. You can take 3-4 cabbage leaves from inside, do not take the outermost layer, take out few leaves from inside. Around 2-3 for each breast should be fine. Wash them nicely, and then insert in your bra. It will help you ease the pain and discomfort. Take out the leaves when they become soft. Repeat this process till the milk flow reduces. You can express few drops of milk too, to help ease the pain but do not express too much milk, because the quantity of milk that comes out will give signal to the body that more milk is required so the body will produce more.

Hi if possible try stopping in gradually, one feed at a time. Both you and your baby will be comfortable this way.