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I am a mother of 3 years and 3 months old boy, could you please suggest good educational toys to help him to enhance his creativity and concentration span?

Building block, flash cards, please see here articles on activities. Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction) have written some precious write-ups here and she have a page on FB and blog as wel.. you can follow her.

thanks Roopashree Siddireddy
Anon, I always say try to involve your cold in house hold chores. practical life activities are the best to prepare the child for future. other than that, blocks, painting, pretend play sets, books are great. keep it open ended for him.
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Hi at 3 kids love doing painting try finger painting,pebble painting ,craft from bestsellers out of waste and if you wish to invest in toys then go for blocks, multiple piece puzzles, various toys are available with country flags puzzle on indian sates can go for subscription boxes ...And book reading with props .

Thank you so much for the advice

My twinnies are 3 years they love lego duplo blocks, all sorts of paintings, art and craft, books, pretend plays and even you can get subscription boxes

Hey 3 year old kids are really creative and inquisitive. You can introduce puzzles, blocks. This will enhance his learning. If he is interested in colours than it is a very good idea. Make him read few books and you can have some subscription boxes too. Just decide weekly activities and apply them

hiiii .. you can join a toy library where your chikd gets an option if choosing different toys which enhance learning . also books can be hired from these libraries . there are also online sites which let u borrow toys so ur chikd has something new every week and is interested and looking forward to the new toy .

Dear Betsie, There are some great ideas here so I will not repeat them, but what I will say is that what games and activities you do are not that important. What is more important is how you do them with your child. You can even play with empty bottles and boxes, but use lots of language and be animated when playing. Do lots of pretend play and use different things around in the environment itself, as this is what your child should be learning about now. Read a lot to your child.. Just let your child explore in a fun and engaging way. If you can do this, learning will automatically happen and the love for learning will also come in. Hope this helps.