What all can I feed my 7.5 months old baby. She has got 2 teeth already. She has been having banana, chikoo, moong daal with veggies and Nachni. I need to think of something else now. Pls help with ideas and recipes

Hi you can offer everything homemade, as she is 7.5 months feed only 2 meals or 1 meal and 1 snack. You can offer idly,dosa, roti, paratha ,upma, oats,daliya,eggs, rice , dal, sabji etc. Encourage Selfeeding , You can check the hashtag #weaningatarah for more weaning related information.

I have tried giving her idli but she doesnt like plain idli. What can I possibly add in the idli battrr. P.S. I make the batter at home