Hi Experts. My baby is 23 days old. Whenever I give him formula milk or breast milk, he splits out milk from his nose. My mother in law says it's a bad sign. I am little tensed what to do, pls guide. Will this affect baby's health?

hello after giving milk u just burp Ur boy

I think you should consult your pedia about that

hello Bhavikaba Jadeja, spitting milk from nose indicates the feeding position might be wrong. try to put a pillow some kind of head elevated whenever you are feeding the baby. This happened with my baby as well, I put his head elevated while feeding which might have stopped milk going through nose. Just give a try once. and don't forget to burp well after feeding.

please consult with your doctor immediately.. because it's a sign may be baby have a cough n cold be take care of your baby

chck.with doctor immediately

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